How to fold a Pocket Square

folding pocket square

Pocket squares have become an essential accessory of the modern gentleman.  They never go out of style and if you have not tried accessorizing your suit, shirt, bow tie and tie with a pocket square then you should be convince to try it because :

  • A pocket square instantly add nice colour and more live to your outfit
  • Expanding of your wardrobe because wearing a different pocket square gives the same suit a different look! 
  • It is one of the easiest ways to elevate your style.
  • A complement to your bow tie or tie!

Merryknot believes that all gentlemen deserve to look their best at all times, especially on one of your biggest day in life; Wedding, Groom and all of his bestmen or Brothers should too! That is why we source and pick the best of pocket squares and in different styles to cater to this and we believe that it does not require to spend lavishly to be stylish, with a mere price starting from only SGD 3.90, style can be really affordable too!

If you have bought our colourful range of pocket square here (thank you for your support! :) ). There are several style that you can create out of the pocket square and below are some of the popular ways to wear your pocket square. Please scroll for more detailed folding instruction on your favourite look!

Enjoy and Thank you for visiting Merryknot!

The Flat Fold / Presidential Fold Pocket Square

One of the easiest and classic ways to wear your pocket square! 

Flat Pocket Square

The One Point Fold

Other than the flat fold, this one point fold which is also known as triangular fold or one corner up fold is another classic way to wear your pocket square.

One point fold pocket square

The Two Point Fold

Two point fold pocket square

The Three Point Fold

three point fold pocket square

The Crown Fold

four point crown fold pocket square

The Puff Fold

Puff fold pocket square

The Three Stairs Fold

One of the most challenging fold!

Three stair fold pocket square

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